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Commodore Report December 2022

Commodores Report December 2022

December always sneaks up on us. As we wind down 2022, we all can reflect on the good times we've shared together at the AYC.

Recently it has come to our attention that the Federal designation of our waterway could allow for the opening of the Menasha lock through litigation. Friends of the Fox has approved seed money to add to the litigation. The AYC board will be voting on seed money to contribute to the cause at the December 8th board meeting starting at 6 pm. We encourage members to attend this meeting. We have selected a qualified attorney to move forward if the board approves the money.

The AYC has chosen Harbor House as our December charity. Sheryl Bruemmer has been in contact with the HH coordinator and their needs include more clothing items. Sheryl will publish a list. We will also collect Toys for Tots. Whatever you are able to contribute will make a huge difference in the lives of many in need this holiday season.

December is also a month to celebrate with our friends. The Fleet committee has some fun events on the calendar! Hopefully you can join us!

12/3-Disco Night 6pm

12/10-Children's Afternoon with Santa 1-4

12/10-White Elephant 6pm

12/13-Cornhole on the Deck outside 6pm

12/31-New Year's Eve happy hour 4-8pm with horsdorves

I am preparing our annual report to present to the city of Appleton. We can all be proud of the many contributions made to our community that will be included in the report. This club is made up of such kind and generous people. I am extremely honored that I was able to serve as your commodore in 2022.

Wishing all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.


Diane Kuether



Diane Kuether


Bryan Mick


Chris Schubbe


Brandon Martinek


Mark Zelinski

Dustin Mack

Scott Rudebeck

Kyle Sargent

Kevin Lillge

Mike Kersten



Patty Klien


Jen Purdy


Ray Galioto


Bryan Mick


Mark Zelinski


Kyle Sargent


Tim Potter


Scott Rudebeck


Kyle Sargent


Sheryl Bruemmer


Kyle Sargent

BY-LAWsw Review

Mark Zelinski


Mark Zelinski



Andy Potter



6:30 p.m.

Second Thursday

of the Month


8:00 p.m.

Second Thursday

of the Month

All members are

welcome to attend

Upcoming Events

Packer Potlucks During Every Sunday Afternoon Game

December 3-

Disco Night

December 10-

Kid's Christmas in Afternoon

White Elephant 6pm

December 13-

Winter Cornhole

December 18-

Super Sunday 6pm

Live Music-

5th, 15th, 21st, and 28th of December

Super Sunday-

6pm Final Sunday of Each Month

Board Meetings- 6:30 Second Thursday of Each Month

Dockside Shop:

New items are on the way! Stay tuned! (any requests contact Ashleigh)

Appleton Yacht Club – Board of Directors


November 10, 2022

Opening Business

Commodore Kuether called the Nov. 10, 2022 meeting of the AYC Board of Director to order at 6:32pm. Present – Kuether, Frawley, Mick, Martinek, Rudebeck, Lillge, Mack, Zelinski, Sargent, Klein, Purdy, Bruemmer. Excused – Schubbe. Absent – Kersten.

Mick moved to adopt the agenda; second by Lillge; motioned carried.

Mick moved to adopt previous month’s Board Minutes; second by Lillge; motion carried.

Officer’s Reports

Treasurer’s Report - Martinek - Revenue up 17% from 2021. Net income down $3,176 due to price of goods. No plan to make an additional payment on the mortgage, as we did last year, to insure cash flexibility for anticipated 2023 expenses. A clerical error accounts for the Gift Cards current liabilities balance. It is not $22,514.16.

Sargent moved to approve the report; second by Rudebeck; motion carried.

Membership Report – Mick – 107 yachting members, 350 social members, and approximately 50 people on waiting list for social memberships. A nominating committee will form to generate candidates for new Board Members.

Martinek moved to approve the report; second by Sargent; motion carried.

Fleet Report – Klein – Halloween party was a success; Fleet was able to pay for the DJ and made $170 in revenue. Disco Party on Dec. 3. Kid’s Christmas party Dec. 10 1:00-4:00. White Elephant Christmas party evening of Dec. 10. Plans for New Year’s Eve party and the Commodore’s Ball on Jan. 21 are in the works.

Martinek moved to approve the report; second by Sargent; motion carried.

Committee Reports

House & Property – Rudebeck – Provided an estimate of $100,000 for a new walk-in freezer. This price would include the necessary addition to the east side of the club. The freezer would be a major upgrade and replace the smaller units currently in use. Preliminary budget estimates for the House as well as Slips and Docks for 2023 under consideration.

First Mates Report – Bruemmer – Food drive for food pantries, cans and boxed foods needed. In December the Club will focus on new toys and games. Will also be collecting hats, mittens, and adult clothing, specifically pajamas, for Harbor House. People can bring these items to AYC and Fleet events.

Lessor’s Report – Zelinski – New rules and rental agreement are posted in the club. City of Appleton annual meeting is in December and AYC is preparing to be on the agenda.

Slips & Docks – Sargent – Boats lifted at the last work party. Appleton Boats was present and winterized 6-7 boats after the event. Plan for a similar work party to drop boats in the water come April.

Audit/Finance – Martinek – New accounting software bought, but not yet set up. The goal is for the system to be operational by Jan. 1, 2023.

Safety/Measure – Mick – Need to remove buoy lights. Plan for a boating safety course in the spring as well as a vessel safety check date.

Locks and Harbor – Sargent – No report.

Zelinski moved to adjourn the meeting; second by Mick; motion carried.

General Membership meeting brought to order; no new business. Zelinski moved to adjourn the meeting; second by Mick; motion carried.

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