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Commodore report January 2023

Commodores Report January 2023

Looking back on 2022 at the AYC, we certainly had many good times together!  Our 90th birthday is in the books as a huge milestone. This year we also enjoyed lots of music sponsored by some of our own members.  Thank you all!

I want to thank the board members who tirelessly attend meetings and give many hours of their time to keep our club running smoothly.  Bryan Mick, vice commodore,  Chris Schubbe,  secretary,  Brandon Martinek,  treasurer,  and the  directors Scott Rudebeck, Kevin Lillge, Dustin Mack, Mark Zelinski,  Kyle Sargent,  and Mike Kersten all deserve a huge thank you for your  service to our club. I also want to send out thanks to our Fleet committee Patty Klein and Jennifer Purdy and to Sheryl Bruemmer, First Mates captain. You ladies are responsible for good times and helping people in need.

Many thanks to all members who donated to so many causes for charity that we sponsored. Your generosity is so much appreciated!!! Thank you to all members who participated in our work parties and volunteered at parties. Volunteering at our club is rewarding in so many ways. Anyone who wants to become more involved with activities this year,  please leave your name with Andy so you can be contacted. 

More thanks go out to our fabulous staff that serve members day after day. You are so valuable to the success of our club!

I gave the annual report to the city of Appleton Finance committee in December. Andy and I were told that the relationship between the AYC and city of Appleton is a very positive one. 

Following the commodore's  report are the minutes from our December board meeting.  The information about moving forward with litigation concerning the Menasha lock is included in the minutes.

Our annual meeting will be Saturday January 14th starting at 1pm. All members are welcome to attend. At this meeting you will hear the annual reports of each committee and the elections will be held for the officers of the board and the two director positions open. The list of nominees is posted in the hallway. 

May 2023 be filled with much happiness, love, and good health for all of you!


Diane Kuether 

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