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Commodore’s report July

Commodores Report July 2022

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer! The AYC is the best place to enjoy a drink and a meal.

We are only 23 days from our 90th birthday bash on July 23rd! I want to say thank you to our Fleet committee captain Patty Klein and the lieutenant fleet captain Jennifer Purdy. They have been working very hard on the party planning. They are asking for volunteers to help the day of the party with various jobs. Volunteering at the club has forged many great friendships. Our lease with the city of Appleton also requires us to log 4,000 volunteer hours per year. It's very rewarding to get involved with other members.

The committee is also asking for donations of items that can be raffled off at the party. Whatever you are able to donate is greatly appreciated.

Our Monday night music series has been very popular! Many thanks to Mark Biggar for sponsorship. Also thanks to JR and Jody Johnson for help in sponsoring Bubba Ghanooj for our big birthday party! Your generosity is so kind and appreciated.

I also want to acknowledge Guy Martinek and Lori Hooyman for organizing the Tuesday night cornhole. If you haven't participated in the games I highly recommend it. It's so much fun!

Many of you may need this bit of information. The WiFi password for clubhouse and harbor are the same. It is yacht1932.

I appreciate your kind words and support. I also enjoy getting your ideas of how we can improve our club. Sometimes it's not possible to act on your suggestions but we will consider them all.

Wishing you all a spectacular and safe 4th of July!!! The Appleton locks are now open for those that would like to go north for some fireworks! They will be open until 11pm this weekend on the 3rd and the 4th. The Kimberly fireworks are on the 3rd and if you are interested in going for that, you will need to be to the first Appleton lock by 6pm to get through to Sunset Park to view them.

See you on Saturday July 23rd to celebrate the 90th birthday of our AYC!!!!!


Diane Kuether

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