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Commodores Report August

Commodores Report August 2022

The 90th birthday party for the AYC  last month was such a success! So many people volunteered their time and talents.  There are 40 pictures on our Facebook page in case some of you haven't seen them. Many thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard and to those who sponsored the music. We have a volunteer log book in the hallway so please remember to write in your volunteer hours. Our goal is to record 4,000 hours per year.

The harbor dredging project went smoothly.  Tons of zebra mussels were removed. Hopefully the harbor will remain clear for years to come.

Our school supply campaign is being head up by Sheryl Bruemmer again. Sheryl is our First Mates captain and organizes our community projects. We hope to collect lots of school supplies for children in need in the AASD. There is a large box in the hall entrance for your donations. Thank you Sheryl for all you do for our club and our community!

I hope many of you have been able to enjoy the Monday night music! Thank you Mark Bigger for sponsorship. Bingo has also been a new addition to events at our club. Friday lunch at the club is always a treat! The AYC golf outing is coming up on Monday August 22nd.  It is being held at Ridgeway this year. Please sign up at the bar if you can join us.

Enjoy our last month of summer! Hope you all have gotten to enjoy all the activities you had planned.  Summer always goes too fast!!!

Happy August!

Diane Kuether 

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