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Commodores Report September 2021

Commodores Report September 2021

Wow it’s already September! Where did the summer go? I hope that your summer has been as enjoyable as mine has been. With September we see the boating season begin to wind down, but still have the fall colors and Indian summer to look forward to. The Packers, Brewers and Ryder Cup are coming up this month and the club is a great place to watch the games and matches. Come down and cheer your team on and enjoy the fellowship of the club’s members as we enjoy the sports with the last vestiges of summer. With September the harbor starts to see the boats getting ready for the winter hibernation. I always remember that Skip would put his boat up on Labor Day as he had teacher duties and knew that his time was limited for boating. Then last year we had Eric who somehow managed to boat throughout the entire winter. I have contacted Jeremy Cord’s with a request for another fall color run through the locks and hope that we can get a lot of boats to make that run. We are still working on a plan to deal with the shoaling in the harbor and would like to know if anyone has need for fill for any property. In addition, we will have material for gardens etc. the material is a combination of zebra mussel shells, sand and organic matter. We had it tested and it contains no PCB’s, or any other chemical contaminates. With all the recent rain the river level is up so it hasn’t been as much of a problem as earlier in the season when water levels were low. Speaking of high water please be careful around the locks and dams and plan for strong currents. August was a fun month for the club. Our summer party fell on a blue moon and the music and attendance were great. Thanks to Patty and the Fleet committee for organizing the event and putting all the wonderful baskets together. To all the boat captains for taking members for rides, to the kitchen staff for the food and the bartenders for keeping us well hydrated. For most of the month the weather was hot and dry, with a lot of rain coming at the end of the month. We had a really fun golf outing on the 23rd. Thanks to Ashleigh for coordinating the event and all the donated prizes. I wish I could say that we are through with Covid-19 but this pandemic just won’t go away. The Delta variant has refilled ICU’s and stressed the health care workers that solider on when so many cases could have been prevented if people would get vaccinated. It’s sad that this new Delta variant seems to be more contagious among our children just as the school year is starting. While I don’t like wearing a mask, I find that I have started wearing one again when I’m out shopping or in a setting with lots of people. I’m hoping to get my booster shot when they become available. Let’s hope that this wave washes out sooner than later and we have a healthier winter than last. Smooth sailing, Bill Frawley

OFFICERS COMMODORE Bill Frawley VICE COMMODORE Diane Kuether SECRETARY Bryan Mick TREASURER Brandon Martinek BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mark Zelinski Dustin Mack Scott Rudebeck Kyle Sargent Kevin Lillge Mike Kersten APPOINMENTS FLEET CAPTAIN Patty Klien LT. FLEET CAPTAIN Diane Kuether SERGEANT AT ARMS Ray Galioto MEMBERSHIP Diane Kuether LESSOR OF DOCKS Mark Zelinski LOCKS COMMITTEE Kyle Sargent HISTORIAN Tim Potter HOUSE COMMITTEE CHAIR Scott Rudebeck SLIP AND DOCK Kyle Sargent FIRST MATES CHAIR Sheryl Bruemmer SAFETY COMMITTEE CHAIR Kyle Sargent BY-LAWsw Review Mark Zelinski FINANCIAL STEERING Mark Zelinski ....................................................................... CLUB STEWARD Andy Potter ....................................................................... BOARD OF DIRECTOR MEETING 6:30 p.m. Second Thursday of the Month GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING 8:00 p.m. Second Thursday of the Month All members are welcome to attend

Upcoming Events We are now allowing personal events to be held in the dining room for groups of 50 or fewer. September22- Wine Tasting Corn Hole- Every Tuesday Starting June 1st @ 6pm Super Sunday- 6pm Final Sunday of Each Month Holiday Mondays- AYC Open @ Noon Memorial Day July 5th Labor Day Friday Lunches- Open at Noon on Fridays Between the Memorial and Labor Day Board Meetings- 6:30 Second Thursday of Each Month Dockside Shop: New items are on the way! Stay tuned! (any requests contact Ashleigh)

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