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December News Letter

Commodores Report December 2020

Greetings, the holiday season is upon us and I hope that it is joyous and healthy one for all. I know that this year has been a different one for each of us due to the ongoing pandemic. The numbers are alarming with over 4 million new cases in the past month in the US alone. I know that this sounds like a broken record but we all must be mindful of how this disease has overwhelmed our health care system and impacted so many lives. Please help us to stay safe and healthy through the holidays by following the recommendation for washing your hands, wearing your mask and practicing social distance. The vaccines are being approved and there is light at the end of the tunnel, but we are still months away from many of us being able to be inoculated.

Each December this club does many wonderful things to help those less fortunate in our community. The 1600 club donates their dues to a charity on the Thrivent match day to double their giving. We have begun our annual Adopt a Family drive and need your help to provide a better Christmas for those in need. We have selected multiple families to help this year. We have a Christmas tree set up in the club with tags on it. Each tag has an item to purchase. Please select a tag, purchase the item, and return the item with the tag attached to it. There is a box set up in the hall to put the items in. If you would like to donate but don't want to shop you can also donate cash or check and we will handle the items. Deadline to return the gifts is December 13. Please do not wrap the gifts. If you are shopping online, please have the gifts delivered to your home first as the club front porch isn’t a safe place for packages to sit for hours. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity.

The December board meeting will tentatively be held via zoom at 8:00 PM on Thursday 12/10 as I will be landing at 7:31 that night in Appleton. Our guest speaker will be Jeremy Cords from FRNSA who will be giving an update on the Menasha lock and the other locks and bridges in the system. Regarding the board, we will be posting sign up sheets for club officers for 2021. We have 3 openings for directors, Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary. and Treasurer. Per the bylaws you must be a yachting member to be eligible for a board seat. If you want to run for any office or a director’s seat, please sign up. Directors seats run for 3 years all other offices are on an annual basis. I’m often asked why we don’t have any social members on the board. The reason is that we are a boating organization first and foremost. Our charter and rights of incorporation are founded on that. Each member yachting or social took an oath stating that: “I (member will pronounce name), do hereby promise before these members present that I will help to make this club a success, keeping in mind this is above all a boating organization, and will to the best of my ability promote the spirit of boating fellowship.” Please don’t think for one minute that we don’t appreciate all that our social members do for this club. I and the other board members and staff always have an open ear for your needs and suggestions. Any member is welcome to attend our board and annual meetings. Is addition any member social or yachting can sit on a committee. This is a great way to be more active on what is happening at the club and help improve the club. If you want to be a part of any committee, please let me or any board member or Andy know. I have included the different committees as posted in our bylaws for you to review.

SECTION V - Committees and Appointed Officials

The following committees and chairpersons shall be appointed by the Commodore subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The term of these appointments will be one (1) year. Additional temporary committees may be appointed as the Commodore deems them necessary.

HOUSE AND PROPERTY COMMITTEE: The House and Property Committee shall consist of four members: one, the chairperson who must be a Yachting member, and three other members in good standing. The committee duties shall consist of having charge of the operation of all buildings regularly used by the club membership, except those specifically assigned to the Slip and Dock Committee. Such operation shall include but is not necessarily limited to: the recommendation to the Board of Directors of appropriate rules for the use of the property and of such steps as are necessary for their enforcement; the receipt and consideration of complaints; the procurement of goods and services; and the supervision of club employees. The committee shall take necessary steps for the protection and maintenance of the aforementioned areas. The House and Property Committee shall present a report of the previous month’s activities at each membership meeting.

SLIP AND DOCK COMMITTEE: The Slip and Dock Committee shall consist of three members: one, the chairperson, who must be a voting member, and two others selected from the yachting membership. The committee’s duties shall consist of having charge of the maintenance and replacement of harbor facilities and equipment regularly used by boaters. (1/1/09)

AUDITING COMMITTEE: The Auditing Committee shall be chaired by a Yachting member and consist of two additional members in good standing. The committee’s duties shall be to audit all accounts of the club, including those of the House and Property Committee and submit a report at the annual meeting in January. All three members of the committee shall sign this report.

ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE: The Entertainment Committee shall have as its chairperson a member in good standing. The number of committee members will be determined by the Commodore. The committee shall take charge of all entertainment offered by the club. They shall meet at the call of the chairperson.

NOMINATION COMMITTEE: The Nomination Committee shall consist of three yachting members, none of which are officers or directors. The committee shall present a slate of candidates at the monthly membership meeting prior to the annual meeting for consideration by the voting members.

SAFETY COMMITTEE: The Safety Committee shall consist of three members selected from the yachting membership. The club Measurer will serve ex officio as a fourth member of the Safety Committee. The committee will be responsible for year-round monthly inspection of slips, docks, and club premises. Monthly reports will be made to the Board of Directors of any hazardous conditions.

FIRST MATES COMMITTEE: The First Mates Committee shall be a service organization of the Appleton Yacht Club. The Committee shall undertake various fundraising projects, assist in public and membership relations, and otherwise function for the benefit of the Appleton Yacht Club. Committee offices of Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by the committee at large. The Secretary shall keep a record of the minutes of all meetings and report at the general membership meetings current projects and events of interest. The Treasurer shall report and remit to the club Treasurer all financial activity and monies raised and keep a record of committee funds available in the club treasury. An imprest petty cash fund in an amount determined by the Board of Directors shall be administered by the committee Treasurer for payment of miscellaneous expenses incurred by the committee. All expenditures of committee funds in excess of

$100.00 must have prior approval of the Board of Directors. Committee membership shall be open to all members in good standing on a volunteer basis. The Committee shall meet at the call of the chairperson.

HISTORIAN: The Commodore shall appoint a member in good standing to accumulate, edit and preserve in appropriate form such current and historical data concerning club activities as may be of interest to the membership in future years or may otherwise have historical value.

LESSOR: The Commodore shall appoint a Yachting member as Lessor of the Docks. The Lessor’s duties shall be to make all slip assignments, subject to the Board of Directors’ approval and in compliance with Section XI of the By-Laws.

I would like to thank all my fellow board members for their help and the hours of service that they give to help the club run. I would really like to thank all our staff that have stayed with the club through this year. We all appreciate your work, enthusiasm and smiles even if they are behind those masks. You help make the club the fun and enjoyable place it is. To Andy who has done a great job dealing with the different phases of the pandemic as it impacted our operation. Most of all; to you our members for your support and fellowship. Being a part of the social network and lifeblood of the club.

In closing, please keep up with your safety practices to help stop the spread of Conid-19. If you’re not feeling well, please stay home and get tested. If going about required tasks please be smart and wear your mask, keep your distance, and disinfect your hands and commonly touched surfaces. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a better New Year.

Yours truly,

Bill Frawley

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