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July Commodore's report

Happy Fourth of July to all our members, their families, and friends. With the celebration of our nations founding let us remember the sacrifices and commitments our forefathers made to give us the freedoms we enjoy today. With freedom comes responsibility and with the Covid 19 pandemic still upon us I will ask our members to be smart and respectful of all. Our staff is doing their part by wearing their masks and disinfecting the bar and tables. You can also help by practicing social distancing and if the club is busy please wipe down your table with the disinfectant stationed by the doors to the outside tables. We are going to start some of the club events like cornhole on Tuesday evenings, trivia on the first Tuesday of the month and super Sunday on the last Sunday of the month. We ask that you practice social distancing and wear a mask when you’re not eating or drinking. Real men and woman wear masks!

July 6th marks a special event for the club! Jeanne celebrates her 30th anniversary working for the club. She has seen many changes and been a wonderful addition. Please join us in thanking her for the many years of service and joy that she has brought to this club. Please stop down on the 6th and raise a cheer to her, and her dedicated service to make this club what it is today. Thank you for all the time and love you have given this club!

We are still waiting for our contractor to finish sounding the harbor and then the dredging to take place. We have been lucky to have had high water most of the season to help lessen the impact of the shoaling but expect it to be troublesome when the water is at lower levels. We will keep you posted as this progresses. Last year we had a group of boats that went through the locks to watch the Kimberley fireworks. Unfortunately, Kimberly canceled this year’s event. One option would be to go down to Kaukauna and watch the fireworks from the river there but the distance from the river to the racetrack would make seeing much of a display unlikely. I believe the best option is to go out on the little lake and watch what is viewable of the Neenah and Appleton displays. Appleton is going to be fired from the Timber rattlers stadium and Neenah from its normal barge in front of Doyle Park. If captains have room on their boats for a guest or two, please let our social members or a bartender know and invite them to join you.

In the harbor and around the club we are trying to do some clean up. Please look for a few upcoming work parties to help us spruce the place up and get rid of some of the clutter that has creeped up on us. Many hands make like work.

As we are enjoying our summer on the deck or docks please remember that others have been impacted more severely by the pandemic. Some businesses are still closed and will not reopen. Remember those in real need and donate money or household basics to assist these less fortunate families.

On a personal note. We all have a different comfort level with the covid-19 pandemic. Like the speed we drive each has a comfort zone and please respect that what you are comfortable with my not be what the person next to you is. This disease has no political affiliation. It doesn’t just target elderly or youth. It is highly contagious and spread through the air we breathe. It has a broad range of effects on people exposed and has killed twice as many Americans as died fighting during the Vietnam war. We are lucky that the Appleton area has not had a major outbreak but one carless encounter or individual could cause the club to close and deep clean or shut for two weeks during our most wonderful part of the season. We are seeing several states shutting bars and restaurants back down because their health care systems are being maxed out. Please wash your hands, wear a mask if not eating or drinking and give people some space especially if you are both unmasked.

Yours truly,

Bill Frawley

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