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May Commodore report

Commodores Report May 2022 Spring is coming, keep the faith! Watch for the boats to start dropping now. Many thanks to Patty Klein, Jennifer Purdy, and all the members who volunteered to make the Palm Sunday brunch a success! Volunteerism is what makes our club thrive. Also thank you to all our members who participated. We served 125. In April our wonderful staff had a well deserved appreciation party at a Timber Rattler's game. Because of covid they hadn't had a party for two years. Thank you Scott Rudebeck for coordinating staff for that evening. Get your outrageous or gorgeous hats ready for our Kentucky Derby party on Saturday May 7th! Our Fleet committee is planning an afternoon event for us all. More information will be published. Mother's day is approaching soon. Our staff is hosting a brunch to honor all our special ladies. Ashleigh has already got the information out and you can sign up at the bar. A spring work party is scheduled for Saturday May 14th from 9 am to noon. The rain date is scheduled for May 21st. This is an excellent opportunity to volunteer to help spruce up our club. Last year we had an amazing turnout, thanks members! More information will be published on this event also. Kevin Lillge is working hard to prepare the docks for the season. He is also adding 4 new life rings around the harbor. Please be aware of the current and any high water issues this time of year. FYI we have a very large dock box full of various sizes of life jackets available for your use anytime. It's on the patio closest to the park. Thanks Kevin! Vessel safety checks are occurring on May 21st and June 11th. According to the harbor contract, all boats moored in our harbor are required to comply. Please, for your safety and all members, sign up to participate. Many thanks to Bill Frawley for coordinating this service for our yachting members. Kyle Sargent is working diligently keeping up with the lock progress. Unfortunately we don't have much to report on that subject. Kyle has secured a permit with the DNR to begin removing the shoaling in our harbor. Thanks Kyle! An additional handicap parking spot is being added to our lot. We are hoping this helps out for some of our members. Donations are still coming in for our outdoor TV. We have asked for $20 per membership to support this addition. Thanks so much to all the members who have already generously donated. Just a reminder that the club is opening at 3 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As the weather starts warming up, our decks will be a great place to gather and enjoy the view. Starting Memorial day weekend the club will open at 11am on Fridays through Labor day. Please be sure to keep scrolling to read the minutes from our last board meeting. Wishing you all a safe boating season! Happy Mother's day to all the beautiful ladies of our club! Sincerely, Diane Kuether

OFFICERS COMMODORE Diane Kuether VICE COMMODORE Bryan Mick SECRETARY Chris Schubbe TREASURER Brandon Martinek BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mark Zelinski Dustin Mack Scott Rudebeck Kyle Sargent Kevin Lillge Mike Kersten APPOINMENTS FLEET CAPTAIN Patty Klien LT. FLEET CAPTAIN Diane Kuether SERGEANT AT ARMS Ray Galioto MEMBERSHIP Bryan Mick LESSOR OF DOCKS Mark Zelinski LOCKS COMMITTEE Kyle Sargent HISTORIAN Tim Potter HOUSE COMMITTEE CHAIR Scott Rudebeck SLIP AND DOCK Kyle Sargent FIRST MATES CHAIR Sheryl Bruemmer SAFETY COMMITTEE CHAIR Kyle Sargent BY-LAWsw Review Mark Zelinski FINANCIAL STEERING Mark Zelinski ....................................................................... CLUB STEWARD Andy Potter ....................................................................... BOARD OF DIRECTOR MEETING 6:30 p.m. Second Thursday of the Month GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING 8:00 p.m. Second Thursday of the Month All members are welcome to attend

Upcoming Events Packer Potlucks During Every Sunday AfternoonGame May 7- Kentucky Derby May 8- Mother's Day Brunch May 14- Work Party(May 21 make up day incase of rain) May 21 & June 11- Vessel Safety Checks July 23- AYC Summer Party Super Sunday- 6pm Final Sunday of Each Month Starting in April- AYC Will Open at 3pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays Friday Lunches- Open at 11am on Fridays Between the Memorial and Labor Day Board Meetings- 6:30 Second Thursday of Each Month Dockside Shop: New items are on the way! Stay tuned! (any requests contact Ashleigh)

Appleton Yacht Club – Board of Directors Minutes April 14, 2022 Opening Business Commodore Diane Kuether called the April 14, 2022 meeting of the Appleton Yacht Club Board of Directors to order at 1832. Bryan Mick, Mike Kersten were excused. Sargent moved and Lilge seconded to adopt meeting agenda; motion carried. Sargent moved and Zelinski seconded adopting previous months minutes; motion carried. Officer Reports Treasurer’s Report Martinek reported that the House had a record-breaking month for March 22 revenue at over $45,000 and the club rebounded significantly from the net house loss of January and February with a substantially less loss of $853.71 for March. Hopefully this reversal continues, and we will be positive for transitional season and summer months. We had a few capital purchases for the month that included: $7,400 for the remainder of the carpet replacement, $6,000 down payment on the POS System and $5,000 down on the outside TV. Zelinski motioned to approve report and Sargent seconded; motion carried. Membership ReportKuether reported that per Andy and Mick that social membership is full. A great achievement after increasing total social membership from 325 to 350! The waiting list will begin at this point. Current membership totals are 350 Social, 104 Yachting. There was no report to approve. Fleet Captain Report – Patti Klein and Jennifer Purdy reported on recent activities. Soups for Hoops had a lower turnout this year (partly due to not running it on first day of tournament – St. Patrick’s Day). Over $100 was raised. Palm Sunday was a HUGE success. Over 120 folks were served. Fleet made close to $1800. Thanks to all who volunteered to make this a great family event! Easter Egg Pick was also successful raising close to $500. Stay tuned for more information on the Kentucky Derby Party (May 7th) and the clubs 90th Anniversary Summer Party (with Baba Ghanooj playing!). Schubbe motioned to approve report and Zelinski seconded; motion carried. Committee Reports House & Property – Rudebeck reported… · There was a discussion about adding an additional parking place in front of the club. There are certain legal requirements that are being researched, but in the meantime, Lilge will get a Handicapped parking sign to designate a new space. · Opening early on T and Th has been effective. Ashley will continue to make sure club members are aware of this change that started in April. · There was an all staff meeting that Andy ran in Scott’s absence o Employees are positive about working at Club o Part-time employees will be completing a self-assessment survey and sit down with Andy/Scott to discuss progress towards goals o Andy/Scott will have additional 1:1 meetings with tenured staff · Donations for TV are up to $2,470 (goal is $5,000) and down payment has been sent · There are discussions about right-sizing drink and food prices after pandemic-related increases in product cost and labor increases Lessor – Zelinski indicated that the harbor map had been updated as of 4/1. New name plates will be acquired once we are closer to season open and weather warms. 46 slips are currently being rented. This is close to last year’s final count. There are a small handful of slips that are not being rented because of shoaling. Slips & Docks – Sargent reported that Saturday May 14 will be the work party. This was very well attended last year. Work will begin at 9am and continue until noon (unless completed earlier). Please contact Kyle Sargent if you plan on attending (@ If we know how many people are coming (and what equipment they have, i.e. trailer, etc.), we can possible have additional materials or plans in place. Thank you in advance for your help! May 21 will be used as a back-up work party day if the 14th is rained out. A motion was made by Kyle Sargent and seconded by Kevin Lilge for approval (up to $1,000) to purchase a new aerator to replace the damaged one (can’t be repaired and over 10+ years old). Motion passed. Reminder that the dates for the Vessel Safety Check are: 5/21 and 6/4. Passing Vessel Safety Check (like providing insurance info on your vessel) is REQUIRED for all boats renting a slip in the AYC Harbor. Locks – Jeremy Cords was scheduled to attend meeting again but did not attend. We have not seen/received the recent gobie report for Lake Winnebago. Harbor – Sargent reported that the DNR permitting process is underway and that the official permit should be submitted by the time this report is completed. Work cannot be started until early June. At 2005 there was a motion to adjourn by Zelinski and seconded by Mack; motion carried General Membership Meeting Kuether called meeting to order at 2010. Scott Rudebeck shared some information regarding Supporting the Hall Family: Overwatch Fundraiser…An Online Auction to Help #Fight Cancer. The Board discussed several different ways that we might be able to help. Final decision was not made, but it was suggested that First Mates might dedicate some fundraising efforts at the Kentucky Derby Party. If that moves forward, information about the charity will be provided on 5/7 at the Party. Schubbe moved and Zelinski seconded to adjourn the General Membership Meeting; motion carried. Submitted respectfully, Chris Schubbe Secretary

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