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September Newsletter

Commodores Report September 2019

Wow! September is here and football and fall boating are instore for us. It seemed to take summer forever to get going this season, and now it has gone by in a flash. I would like to invite all our members to join us for Packer games at the club. If you have never come down for a game, it is a great time. Many of our members bring an appetizer or dish that they put out to share. Items include cheese and crackers, dips and chips, veggie trays, salads, meatballs, potstickers, chili, deserts and so forth. You are never obligated to bring anything, but it makes for a great inhouse tailgate party. We offer reduced drink prices during both Packer and Badger games. And if the Brew Crew can make it to the post season, I think you will see specials during their run for the pennant as well.

Looking at our harbor I’m seeing a lot of unused slips. I would encourage all our members to invite friends and family members with boats to join, in an effort to recruit new boaters to our wonderful facility. Having their boat in the water makes it that much easier to use them. There is a lot of great water to access from our club. While the Menasha lock is still closed, I would like to mention that that there are 8 other locks that are open going north. All 4 Appleton locks, the Cedar lock in Kimberly, the Little Chute lock and the unique Combined Locks are all open for transit. I’ll be the first to admit that we have not taken advantage of this resource. For those that made the trip on the 3rd of July to watch the fireworks in Kimberly we know there is a lot to see and explore going that direction. By using these locks, we will be able to get FRSNA to extend the hours of operation the staff them accordingly. Please try to make a trip or two through them before they close for the season in September. FYI there is a new app for the locks available. This is in the bata stage and they would like our feedback. It shows all the locks and contact numbers, hours of operation, virtual buoys and history. It’s available for both i-phone and android; for more information please search foxlocks in your app store, it is free.

As for the Menasha Lock, this is still in a battle with the DNR and fishing clubs who are still dolling out false or highly biased information and half-truths. In doing my homework for this month’s newsletter I discovered that Lake Erie is having the best walleye season ever. The round gobies were first introduced into Lake St Claire about 1990 and have spread through out the great lakes and their tributaries. There are many white papers that contain information on this invasive fish available on the internet. I would encourage any of our members that have a chance to fish above the Menasha lock to try to catch and document where and when you caught one and report it to the WI DNR. The key features of this fish are its circular pectoral fin and bulging eyes. They breed prolifically and are aggressive in protecting their nests and taking over native small fish breeding sites. If we can substantiate that the gobies have established themselves above the Menasha lock, there would be no reason for it to remain closed. FRSNA will still pursue installing the electronic barrier at the Menasha lock as a barrier for the any future invasive fish or eels that could be introduced into the little lake or river. We need to start getting more vocal in defense of opening the Menasha lock and things that the fishing groups are doing on the Winnebago system. For instance, are you aware that they installed 13 1000-foot-long rock reefs that are uncharted in the north end of lake Winnebago? There are an additional 110 artificial structures introduced by these clubs. Check out as this lists the GPS coordinates but is not sanctioned for navigation. While they are screaming for the locks to close and filled in, in Menasha, they are doing nothing to protect people from bring illegal bait and untreated boats and trailers into the Winnebago system from Portage, WI to the headwaters on the Wolf River close to Watersmeet, MI. I will ask for your patience and your help for getting the Menasha lock open again. I know that FRSNA is doing all they can. By studying about the gobies and how ecosystems have adapted to their presence we can speak intelligently to support our case to have the electronic barrier installed and the lock open. When our opponents are citing studies that are from the 1950’s and the telling have truths we will be able to counter with concise up to date knowledge.

Hoping for a long Indian summer and a colorful fall.

Yours Truly,

Bill Frawley 

Upcoming Events

8/6 Trivia Night

Trivia night is back! Grab your pals and head on down to compete against the rest! Be sure to bring your A game this month is sure to be a game changer! $10/person! Teams are encouraged! 

NEW TRIVIA ADDITION!!- Cost is now $10 per player and will include free pizza!

9/14 AYC Corn Roast

We are throwing a fun Corn Roast party as our fall party this year. We will have BBQ pulled pork, sides, and of course corn. There will be live entertainment during the afternoon and the evening. We are also looking into lining up some captains to take guest for boat rides throughout the day.

Packer Potlucks-

Every Sunday afternoon Packer game we will be doing our Packer Potlucks once again. Come join us to cheer on the Pack and bring a dish to pass if you'd like.

Football Specials-

During every Packer and Badger game we will be offering $1 off all drinks.

Dockside Shop:

New items are on the way! Stay tuned! (any requests contact Ashleigh/Patty Klein)

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