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The Anchor July 2019 Newsletter

Commodores Report

July 2019

Summer has arrived at last after a cool and wet spring. I hope that you have had time to enjoy the club and the new summer menus. If you haven’t, please make a trip down and try some of the new creations from our chefs and bartenders.

With summer it is time for getting together with friends and family. What better place to do that than the club? An afternoon on the water or an evening on the deck, this is the perfect place to show off the wonderful resource that so many don’t realize is here.

When I think about the 4th of July, I reminisce about when the Jaycee’s used to host the civic celebration in Peirce Park with the carnival rides and game booths. The fireworks would be shot over the covered slips and explode over the river until about the time we added the main finger pier in 1980. After that they would launch the fireworks from Veterans Park on the south side of the Memorial Drive Bridge and the club had the front row seat. In 1994 Memorial Park was expanded and the city was changing the laws about camping in the parks that lead to the end of the carnival rides and game booths. The fireworks moved away from the riverfront in Appleton to the park on the north east corner of town. Until the locks closed a flotilla of boats would travel through the Menasha lock to watch the fireworks in Neenah or Menasha, or to anchor off lighthouse reef and watch both if the lake was calm enough. This year we are trying to get a group of boats to travel through the Appleton locks and watch the Kimberly fireworks from the water at Sunset Park, carrying on the tradition of enjoying our nation’s best civic celebration from our boats. This event will take place on July 3rd, please plan on leaving the club to lock through Appleton #1 at 6:00 PM sharp (time the lock doors close). We are working with FRNSA for the special lock hours to return to the club after the fireworks.

One other civic celebration happening this July is the club’s summer party. This is our gift back to our members and the Appleton community. We will be opening the doors to our neighbors and friends to experience our little gem on the river and see what the club is about. Please get the word out to your family and friends to come celebrate summer with us.

This club is our own community with big or little parties and events that take a lot of planning and help to make a success. By volunteering to help in some way we strengthen the bond of community amongst our members. There are a few dedicated members that give huge amounts of their time year in and out that would like to see new faces joining in so this tradition can carry forward. Please ask any board, committee or staff member how you can get involved and become an active part in the success your club.

Wishing you a favorable wind and a star to guide you,

Bill Frawley


It feels like summer is still struggling to start but it is July already! 

There has been a lot happening at AYC and there is more to come this summer.

The Summer Bash is coming up in July and should be a highlight to the summer at AYC! The date is Saturday July 27th and will feature Baba Ghanooj playing from 3-6pm. The cover will be $10 per person which will provide food, raffles, and the band entertainment. This event has been opened to the public so that we can welcome others to come have fun with us and see what a great place we have at AYC! Thank you to all of the sponsors for this event and to those who have put in many volunteer hours already. We are still looking for more volunteers for this party so if you are interested please reach out as we could use the help.

We have a new TV that was put up in the bar.  This TV is dedicated to scrolling information to keep you updated on upcoming events and specials.  We are no offering advertisement on this TV as well for just $50 per month.  If you are interested please speak to Andy or Ashleigh and you can start your advertisement today!

We will be open at noon on the 4th. Come on down and enjoy the holiday with us as we will be open early and have lunch starting at noon.

Join us for lunch by the water every Friday this summer! We are open at Noon every Friday for lunch until Labor Day weekend so make sure to stop in before it’s too late.

We recently purchased 2 outdoor heaters that will help extend patio time into the summer evenings and when the cool fall weather returns.  We plan to add 2 more heaters in the near future. Thank you to everyone that donated toward this awesome improvement.

We found an unfortunate leak in a water pipe that runs below the bar floor and runs toward the harbor. This left us without water to many slips for a few weeks while it was resolved. We were able to run different piping above the ceiling and out to the harbor. Due to help and a very good recommendation this issue was fixed timely and at a very reasonable price.

The new Summer Menu has been a great success. We strongly recommend you try some of the new items if you have not already.

Thank you to all the members that have been keeping us very busy lately! Between different events and just busy nights, we have seen some recent spikes in traffic. We have adjusted to this higher flow and added servers and extra staff to certain times to help keep your experiences positive.

We are striving to keep up the things that make this club so great and are still continually looking for ways to improve!


It seems as though the school year just ended and it’s already time to think about the kids going back to school and their supplies. Once again we would like to support Outagamie County’s program and ask for donations for the children in need. Many of them are in need of the most basic essentials. The county puts together backpacks filled with all their supplies.

Following are the items requested to support this great program:


Scissors (K-6 only)

Markers (K-6 only)

Glue Bottles (K-6 only)

Glue sticks (K-6 only)

Crayons (K-6 only)

Folders (primary colors)

Notebooks (primary colors)



Black/Blue Pens

#2 Pencils

Monetary donations (leave in envelope at the bar)

We will set up a donation box in the entry to the Yacht Club by mid July.

As always… THANK YOU for your generosity!

Marti Isaacson – First Mates

Upcoming Events

7/27 Shipwrecked

SUMMER P A R T Y with Baba Ghanooj!

Mark your calendars! The Shipwreck summer party is Saturday, July 27th! There is a $10 cover charge that includes burgers/brat fry! HUGE thank you to Cinder’s grill, Haen’s meat market, and Budweiser for giving us the hook up!Baba Ghanooj will be taking the stage from 3:00-6:00, so bring your dancing shoes! This event is open to the public so invite all your friends! 

7/2 Trivia Night

Trivia night is back! Grab your pals and head on down to compete against the rest! Be sure to bring your A game this month is sure to be a game changer! $5/person! Teams are encouraged! 

Corn hole!

Corn hole is held every Tuesday EXCEPT trivia night. The tournament starts at 6:00. $5/person double elimination

7/20 Park to park paddle

Saturday July 20th is the 19th annual Park-to-park paddle! This event is not hosted by AYC but we have partnered with the North east Wisconsin paddlers to offer all participants lunch following the event. Find more info @

Summer menus:

Looking for something new to try? Ask your server or bartender to see our summer food and drink menus! Lots of refreshing and light options to feed your appetite! 

Dockside Shop:

New items are on the way! Stay tuned! (any requests contact Ashleigh/Patty Klein)


COMMODORE Bill Frawley



TREASURER Brandon Martinek


Jerry Crossman

Jim Kozak

Scott Rudebeck

Scott Bruner

Todd Holmes

Dave Peck



Patty Klien


Diane Kuther


Eric Egleseer


Scott Maves


Jerry Crossman


David Peck


Tim Potter


Scott Rudebeck


Scott Bruner


Marti Isaacson


Todd Holms

BY-LAWsw Review

Mark Zelinski


Mark Zelinski



Andy Potter


All members are

welcome to attend


6:30 p.m.

Second Thursday

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8:00 p.m.

Second Thursday

of the Month

Board of Directors Meeting

June 13, 2019

Appleton Yacht Club Official Minutes

 Prepared by

Bryan Mick, Club Secretary

The March meeting of the Appleton Yacht Club was called to order by Commodore Bill Frawley at 18:33. Officers and Directors present were Mick, Frawley, Crossman, Rudebeck, Bruner, Maves and Martinek. Kozak and Holmes were excused absent. 

Motion made to adopt agenda with change to add closed session following regular meeting agenda is completed. No opposition. Motion to accept by Mick, second Rudebeck, passes unanimously.

Motion to accept previous minutes is tabled as minutes have yet to be submitted. Commodore requests minutes be submitted by Holmes (covering Mick) at earliest convenience.

Officers Reports

Treasurer: Martinek: Really good month. Up 7.1% year over year. Over for house, negative overall due to insurance payment. Waiting on quote for bridge. $4,201.05 listed as negative on long term liabilities, and another $1500 or so from lumber sales (not on book). Brunner: Where is money from slips? Brandon, we haven’t received all money on slips, and it didn’t carry over on software. Motion to approve, Brunner, second Rudebeck. Passed unanimously.

Membership Report (Vice Commodore): Maves. One application for yachting members, Mal Williams, they have a pontoon 18ft. Move to approve Maves, Crossman. Unanimous. Numbers: 101 yachting. Social Full (325). Waiting list: 10-12. Move to accept: Crossman, second Brunner. Unanimous.

Fleet Captains Report: Patti, working hard on summer party, things are coming together, need volunteers. Need to have board members sign up for volunteering. July 27th is the date of the party. Cinders is donating burgers, Hayne meats are donating brats. Open to the public. Cost is $10. .There will be a tent and a stage outside. Will start at 6-630. Also, live music next Wednesday 4-7, guy from Florida Keys. Bill, I want to set up cruise to Kimberly on fourth for fireworks. Bill: anything else we could for fourth? Rudebeck, only four of us are involved in planning, more people needed. Crossman, move to approve, Mick second. Unanimous.

House and Property: Rudebeck. We set timelines for things to get done. We want runners from kitchen and cocktail waitresses. Heaters, we are holding off but checking. Water leak in front, not an easy fix. Moved from under deck and tapped into liquor room and almost ready to be connected. Final connection under finger peer, with valves and shutoffs. I know a friend who is doing it but slow, but he is thorough. Advertising Board: we will set up, forms behind bar. Storeroom: for not to exceed $1k we can have a storeroom. Later we will want outside cooler. Move to approve: Mick, second Martinek. Brunner, is it budgeted? No. Unanimous. Website: is being taken care of. Ashley is working on it. That’s it. Cutoff date for newsletter is 25th of a given month.

Stewards Report: Potter: Date for golf outing, August 19th. Everything else has been covered. Course is not set, maybe Reed, or Winnigamie.

Lessors Report: Crossman: Got everybody in slips assigned, insurance paperwork needs to be reviewed. How many invoiced, 31? Something like that, half full. We did a covered slip at reduced price due to lack of demand. Brunner: Motion to offer covered slips for new members at ½ price. Second Mick, Unanimous.

Slips and Docks Brunner: Harbor meeting next week and set priorities. Kevin: swim ladders are in. Boards need to be replaced. Frawley: Serious shoaling behind Uslabar’s slip to work slip sandbar is present. We need to figure out how to fix. We have powerline down under main pier. Kevin, also conduit broken and under water on renovated covered slips. I want to work on east bathroom.

Audit Report: Brunner: in process.

Safety and Measurers Report: Holmes submitted report. Keep docks clear. Need to get lights on.

Lock Committee: Frawley for Peck: We are in negotiation with FRSNA to get better hours going north.

Unfinished Business:  No unfinished.

New Business: Frawley: Work parties, I won’t be able to run a work party on a Tuesday night. Tables on patio need coat of paint. We need to get a party together to work on this. Maybe hire HS kids.

Motion made to close by Brunner, seconded by Mick. Motion passes unanimously