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Plan Your Next Event

All of life’s happiest moments occur here. Host your next event at our magnificent venue in the heart of Appleton. The Yacht Club was remodeled in 2012 and has provided a waterfront rental space for milestone events ever since!

Holiday Party

Have you ever attended a holiday party at the club? If not, let us assure you that Appleton Yacht Club is the best venue in town to host your next private event. Both club members and first-timers are blown away by the level of sophistication and class that we bring to the holidays. Contact us today to get started.

Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline

Baby / Bridal Shower

There is no better place to host your special day than the Appleton Yacht Club! Members are eligible for special discounts. Trust us — your shower will leave an everlasting impression on every guest.

Wedding Ceremony

Mark special occasions like Wedding Ceremony here with us at Appleton Yacht Club, and you can say goodbye to any worries. Appleton Yacht Club is the perfect facility to host your beautiful event — and with your friends and family in attendance, you’ll look like a star. Contact us today to check our event calendar.

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